It’s Scarecrow Time!

This craft is a particular favorite – mostly because it’s so straightforward and requires very little instruction.  Seriously, just look at the illustration and the steps become clear. The only real limitation is imagination! Things you’ll need: 1 large roll of brown paper. The number of children you’re working with will determine how many rolls […]

Treat the Tweets

These Homemade Bird Seed Ornaments are easy to make, and your backyard birds will love them. A few simple ingredients are all it takes for this great nature activity. DIY birdseed ornaments are a fun winter project to do with the kids too. What you will need: Cookie Cutters 2.5 cups bird seed 2 packets of unflavored […]

Beaded Wind Chimes for Kids

It’s Summertime here and what’s the best thing to keep the kids busy? A kid’s craft, of course!! Kids LOVE craft projects at any age and what better project for summer than a colorful wind chime? The best thing about this project is that you are free to adjust the size to your taste. Want […]

Let’s Make Some Jellyfish

Every summer, children visit their local aquarium and are always in awe of the beautiful jellyfish swimming around in their tanks. They especially love the ones that change colors in the dark. They inspired us to suggest this colorful jellyfish craft with you today. The best part, it requires no paint so if you’ve been on the […]

Flutter by, Butterflies

With just five supplies from the local bargain store and a few household supplies, you can tie dye coffee filters with washable markers to create dozens of gorgeous butterflies!  This is a fun craft idea for anytime of year and very inexpensive to make.  Materials: Coffee Filters Washable Markers Chenille Stems (Pipe cleaners) Pony Beads […]

Craft: Dreamcatchers

How much fun could your kids have making their own dreamcatchers?  TONS!!!  The only thing holding them back is imagination!  All you need is some paper plates, a variety of colored yarn and something to color with – paint, pens, or markers and perhaps some glitter or beads and some colored feathers. Carefully remove the […]