Oh My! An Erupting Pumpkin!

There is a lot for kids and parents to like about this mini volcano project. Kiddos will love the “eruption” and colorful mess that they can actually help create. Parents will love that making a pumpkin volcano is educational, frugal, quick, and not too messy. Pumpkin Volcano Science Need a chemistry refresher course yourself? No worries! The chemical reaction […]

Making Giant Bubbles

Ingredients: 6 Cups of Water 1/2 Cup of Dish Soap* 1/2 Cup of Cornstarch 1 Tbsp of Baking Powder 1 Tbsp Glycerin** *Dawn Dish Soap (blue) seems to work the best  **Wilton Glycerin can be found in cake decorating sections of craft stores too.  Mix-it-up:  Use a large dishpan.  Slowly mix the ingredients together and […]