Let’s Make Some Leaf People!

The list of things you’ll need for this project is short!

  • An assortment of fall leaves
  • Various sizes of googly eyes (and glue if they aren’t self-stick)
  • Black markers

That’s it!

First, take your kids out on a nature walk to collect the falling leaves. Let them each bring back three or four of different shapes and sizes of leaves. Make sure to bring back extra leaves for other projects like leaf rubbings.

When you get back, the rest is as easy as 1-2-3.  Let the kids glue or stick two googly eyes on each leaf that they select.

Then use the marker to draw on eyebrows, mouths, and any other facial feature they desire.  It’s just that easy. They can glue the leaves to large pieces of construction paper or popsicle sticks if they want to display them.