Provider Newsletter | August 7, 2023


Now available through ILGateways, this online curriculum will introduce you to early science concepts and processes such as earth, water, and air; force and motion; weather and seasons; and growth and change. You’ll also learn how to engage young children in scientific activities such as observing, making predictions, and drawing conclusions.

Every lesson includes tips on setting up a science-enriched environment, as well as animations, interviews with science experts, and videos of children and teachers in classroom settings.


There will be no Zoom or In-Person classes offered through CCRS this month.  However, providers will still able to access continuing education opportunities via these sources:


Feeling overheated under the hot summer sun is a common experience. But for some people, experiencing a spike in body temperature—known as hyperthermia—can result from taking certain medications. A recent medical journal article discussed a case of a person whose body temperature reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit while on multiple medications. Fortunately, this patient recovered but other patients that develop a temperature of 104 or greater often do poorly. 

Children are especially susceptible to heatstroke precisely because they are extremely active and less likely to be aware of heatstroke symptons at onset.  Please read the following article from the Illinois Poison Center regarding heatstroke, symptons,  medications, and prevention   

The Smart Start Transition Grant application is now available online in the Registry Director Portal. The Smart Start Transition Grant Round One application will be available from July 10, 2023, through August 10, 2023. Apply today!

The Smart Start Transition Grant is available to all programs who:

  • are licensed as a child care center, child care home, or group child care home. 
  • were in operation as of June 1, 2023 and continue to care for children today. 
  • operate full-day and full-year, defined as a program that is open and offering at least eight consecutive hours of care per day, five days per week, 47 weeks per year.  
  • enrolled 10% or more of the program’s current licensed capacity (at time of application) with children in the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) during any month since January 2022 and now, and currently participate in CCAP.    
  • receive no more than 75% of total early childhood program/site revenue from Early Childhood Block Grant funding (including Preschool for All (PFA) and/or Prevention Initiative (PI)) or Head Start/Early Head Start. 

Looking for more information about the Smart Start Transition Grant?
We encourage all programs to watch this webinar before applying. A mistake in your application can cause a delay to your approval and grant payment. The Transition Grant Technical Assistance Webinar recording and slides are available on our website. This will walk you through the application to prepare programs to apply. You will need your name and email to view the webinar recording.

Not sure how to submit a budget request?
You are required to submit a budget request as a step of your Transition Grants application process. This must be completed by August 10, 2023, for your application to be considered. Use this tip sheet to help you submit a budget request.

Have questions and looking for answers?  
The Transition Grants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is available to help answer your questions.

For all information and updates on Transition Grants, visit our website

If you have questions, email


Lions are amazing and a great source for learning. Everything from The Lion King to nature studies, lions can provide inspiration for tons of learning opportunities.  This craft will also be a wonderful way to work on fine motor skills and imagination.