Provider Newsletter | July 7, 2022

Email Billings

Unless it is for a previous service month or for a supplemental payment of some kind, CCRS cannot E-mail billings to providers until the last service day of any month.

In the past, some providers have requested billings be emailed to them before the end of the month; those requests will no longer be accommodated.

Any billings that are received before the allowed acceptance dates will be returned to the provider; they may be resubmitted when appropriate. Please be aware that turning in billings early and having them returned could delay their processing.

EITP Resources Address Primary Child Outcomes

The Early Intervention Training Program (EITP) offers helpful trainings and resources related to young children’s development. Early intervention and early childhood special education look closely at three primary child outcomes and the associated functional skills and behaviors that are meaningful for a child’s participation in everyday routines. The outcomes are:

  • positive social-emotional skills,
  • the acquisition and use of knowledge and skills, and
  • the use of appropriate behavior to meet one’s needs.

If you want information on understanding how young children develop and use movement and motor skills to meet their needs, check out EITP’s free online courses Infant Development: Alignment, Core, and Motor (IDACM) or Your Guide to Tummy Time.

Songs and Music Promote Literacy Skills

Teachers and parents can promote literacy through songs and music, and children will find the process mutually—and musically—enjoyable! Gather some new ideas today by exploring our resource list at Learning Literacy Through Songs and Music.

Inspired by summer aquarium trips, help your kids create their own jellyfish at craft time!

Online Training Opportunities for Child Care Providers

For on-line training opportunities, remember the Gateways i-learning website is always available at: These trainings are Gateways Registry-approved and cover a variety of child development and early childhood education topics. Trainings automatically appear on your Gateways Registry Professional Development Record (PDR), and they are FREE. Be sure to have your Gateways Registry online username and password to login.

Below is a listing of other free or low-cost on-line training opportunities that are available to all child care providers:

Please contact Jenny Garinger if you have any training questions or if you know of any other helpful online trainings at 217-333-7816 or

National Maternal Mental Health Hotline Instituted

For help when it’s needed, call or text the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline

1-833-9-HELP4MOMS (1-833-943-5746)

TTY Users can use a preferred relay service or dial 711 and then 1-833-943-5746.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has officially launched the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline and we are asking for your help to promote the service widely to families and communities with whom you work and others who may find it helpful.

Available 24/7, the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline provides free, confidential support, resources, and referrals from professional counselors to pregnant and postpartum individuals facing mental health challenges. Counselors offer support in English and Spanish and interpreter services are available in 60 additional languages.

In a press release announcing the hotline, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said, “This new Maternal Mental Health Hotline will not only advance our priorities of tackling the nation’s mental health crisis, but also support our efforts to ensure healthy pregnancies and support new parents.”

We encourage you to share this new resource on social media and other marketing channels. HRSA provides promotional materials for you to use, including social media graphics, printable wallet cards, and  newsletter copy. These materials are also available in Spanish.

If you have any questions about the hotline service please see our online Frequently Asked Questions, also available in Spanish.

How to Follow Billings and Payments

For those providers that would like a reminder on payment entry and following payments through the system, please read the information below. Please feel free to save this information for future reference.

800-804-3833 provides providers with the entry date of their payments the working day after the entry. Providers can hear the approval of their payments on this line the day following the approval. Payments are generally issued by The Office of the Comptroller 1-2 working days after the payments are approved by DHS. Payments are issued at night.  Paper checks go in the mail the next working day. Direct Deposit and Debit Card payments are in accounts two working days after being issued. Debit card payments can reach the accounts at any point on the second working day – early in the morning until later in the day. Weekends and holidays are not working days.   

Providers can call the payment update line at (217) 524-9041 for processing updates.    

Providers should follow the Comptroller web site to see when their payments become issued in the Comptroller System.    

All providers can go to the Comptroller web site to see when their payments become issued and the dollar amount of the payments. For basic issued payment information (date of issue, dollar amount), providers should go to the Office of the Comptroller website:

  • On main page go to:  VENDOR SERVICES Tab
  • Go to VENDOR PAYMENTS Section
  • Enter TIN (SSN or FEIN)
  • Enter name as it is listed with Office of the Comptroller
  • Choose the security image
  • Cick SUBMIT

Next page shows the most recent payment at the top.

Providers paid via Direct Deposit, can view specific details of their payments in The Office of the Comptroller Enhanced Remittance Section.       

To sign up for the enhanced screens, providers go to:

  • On the home page, go to the  VENDORS SERVICES Tab
  • Go to The Enhanced Vendor Remittance Area
  • Click the blue box:  “Register”
  • Complete the registration page
  • Within 24 hours, an e-mail should be sent with instructions on creating a password to view the detail of the payments.

When password has been created, Provider goes back into:

  • Click on Vendor Services
  • Go to:  Enhanced Vendor Remittance
  • Enter User ID
  • Enter Password
  • Click: Login
  • Next page click: Payments
  • Next page click: Find Warrants – In this area providers can adjust the fiscal year, and/or the beginning and ending date of their search. However, if they don’t make any adjustments, the search will show them the last 30 days of payments.
  • Next page will show the most recent issued payments at the top of the page. Click on one of the Warrant/EFT#’s
  • Next page will give a lot of detail on the payment, including the Payment Voucher Description (all the specific case information of the payment)   

Providers paid via Debit Card

Providers getting paid through the debit card that have card issues, seeking detailed information on their payments, or wanting debit card monthly statements, should call the card company at: 866-338-2944

For callers to speak with a customer service representative at the card company, providers do not enter their card number when the message asks for it. When instructed, they should press the # sign. Then, when instructed, press option 4 for lost, stolen, or damaged card.  After entering the social security number and zip code, a representative should come on the line. The debit card company (Conduent) has an app for smart phones. The App is: Way2Go Card. Conduent also has a website at: The App and the website allow card holders to view purchase made, deposits, and many more helpful areas, including monthly statements. The last page of the monthly statements provides a detail (case name, case number, parent name, month of service, dollar amount, date of issue, deductions, add-on’s, and list each child and how much was paid for each child) of each payment issued for child care services.       


The Office of the Comptroller mails out 1099’s to individual providers that have earned $600.00 or more in the previous year. Providers can view and print their 1099 on the Office of the Comptroller website by going to:

  • Go to the Vendors Tab
  • Click on Vendor 1099
  • Enter Social Security Number, or Sole Proprietor FEIN
  • Select correct security image
  • Click Submit

Next page will show the 1099. Providers can also write the Office of the Comptroller if they did not receive their 1099. If writing to the Office of the Comptroller, the provider must clearly indicate that they “Need a 1099 Form.” The provider should be sure to include their name, address, Social Security Number, and phone number with area code.  They also must sign and date the note, and mail or fax to The Office of the Comptroller. If mailing, mail to: 

Office of the Comptroller

Attn: Vendor Unit (1099 Request)

325 W Adams

Springfield, IL 62704