Bundle Up: Dressing Children For Winter Temps

As the temperature continues to drop this winter season, it is important to keep your kids bundled up when venturing out into the cold to protect them from hypothermia and frostbite.

(Source: United Healthcare, 2022)

United Healthcare recently published an article featuring tips on this topic. Here are the top 5 things to remember when you are planning to go outside during the winter:

  1. Check the wind chill.
  2. Dress your child in several layers of light clothing.
  3. Throw on hats, mittens, and boots.
  4. Remove bulky coats and snowsuits when riding in car seats.
  5. Try a one-piece sleeper for naps or bedtime.

To learn more about these tips, read the United Healthcare article: “Tips to help dress children for cold weather.”

(Source: United Healthcare, 2022)