IDHS Child Care Workforce Compensation Contracts

Starting in October 2024, IDHS is launching Child Care Workforce Compensation Contracts, which will provide stable, ongoing funding for qualifying child care providers to increase child care worker wages. IDHS is conducting a provider survey to ensure that the contract awards consider the real, current costs that providers face. The results of the survey will be used to inform award amounts.

The survey gathers information about staffing, benefits, rent/mortgage, and other expenses, which will be used to estimate the typical cost of providing child care in Illinois. It supplements the information that was recently gathered on the Salary and Staffing Survey. Unlike the Market Rate Survey, it collects information on providers’ actual costs, not the tuition or fees that they charge.

The deadline to complete the survey is August 31, 2023. Providers can access the survey through these links:

If you or your providers need additional assistance, please fill out this Help Request form:

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