The Child Care Resource Service provides an abundance of training opportunities to fulfill our commitment to the development of quality child care. 

In Person / Face to Face Training 

“Getting Out,” “Meeting new people,””Sharing ideas,” are reasons to join with other child care professionals in trainings. Gatherings of child care providers impart a strength in numbers and generate a sense of support from the wealth of ideas and shared values. Available trainings are found by clicking the appropriate month tab. 

On-line Training Workshops 



The  Mandated Reporter  training previously offered on-line only is now available in person.  Call our office to see when it is being offered in your area. Call our office today to schedule your trainings or click on the link below to see the latest Training Calendar! 

Training Calendar

To register for trainings, please call our office or click on the start button and complete your registration on-line.  If the training you are wanting to attend has a fee,  you must send the fee to CCRS before your registration will be complete.


If you are currently caring for children receiving Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) you may be eligible for a full reimbursement of the cost of the CPR / First Aid training costs.  Please complete the CPR / First Aid application (located under forms) and the  Vendor Information form  and return to CCRS with all supporting documents. 

The following lists may be helpful to providers in meeting DCFS requirements for CPR training in locations according to COUNTIES: 



Jessica McMahon

Contact person:

Jessica McMahon  (217) 355-1197

All Counties

American Red Cross

Go to the website for classes near you.

Carle Foundation Hospital 

Rural Health and Farm Safety

Register through:

Click on Classes and Events

Champaign, Douglas, Piatt, Vermilion

CPR Lifesavers

Doug and Cindie Olsen  Contact persons:

Doug and Cindie (217) 649-4389

All Counties

Kirby Ambulance Service

1111 N. State , Monticello, IL

Crystal: (217) 762-1801

Piatt County

Vital Education

2703 W Clark Road Suite 5 Champaign IL 61822

Office:  217-359-0101

Toll Free: 877-558-7377

Central Illinois

Beth Schafer, Impulse CPR


Champaign County

People from other counties are welcome!

American Heart Association 

Visit the website for classes near you.

Provena Regional Emergency

Medical Services

Call: (217) 398-2550

Register with the Champaign Park District.

Champaign, Piatt, Vermilion

Richland Community College

One College Park , Decatur, IL Contact:

(217) 875-7211, ext. 219 or

Macon & Piatt

People from other counties are welcome!



Registration  for Training can be done by: 

  • Completing and returning the registration form enclosed in the training calendar. 
  • Calling our agency (for free events only).
  • Emailing our agency (for free events only). 

Please Pre-Register  (even if you are an association member) so that we can accommodate all participants with comfortable seating, training certificates, handouts and refreshments (if provided). 

  • CCRS does not limit the number of people who can register from a child care program. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • Generally, there needs to be 10 people registered to hold a workshop. 
  • Walk-ins are allowed to some but not all workshops,  and...if you have not pre-registered , we cannot guarantee you handouts, notify you if a workshop has changed location or is canceled, or that the workshop has been closed for full enrollment. 

Registration when payment required:
Payment (check, money order, or cash) for those events which are not free must be received in our office with a registration form by noon on the business day before the event, unless otherwise advertised, or approved by a CCRS training staff member. 

Confirmation of your registration:
When you pre-register you will receive a confirmation postcard listing all the workshops for which you have signed up. Please hold onto it as it will serve as your only reminder. 


  • Late Arrivals: A fifteen (15) minute grace period will be given at all training sessions. This grace period begins at the advertised start time. Participants will not be allowed in the training after the 15 minute grace period. 
  • Early Departures:  To receive a training certificate, participants must stay until the trainer is finished. 

Participants must respect the learning space of all. Participant behavior that is disruptive to other participants will not be tolerated. The individual will be given the choice to stop the behavior or leave the workshop.
Our workshops are for adults. Children are not to be in attendance at training sessions (unless specifically invited or to be a part of the training). 


  • Participant cancellation: To receive credit or refund for training sessions with a fee, participants must cancel by noon on the business day prior to the training session. 
  • Some workshops have a waiting list: Please let us know if you are unable to attend so that someone else can take advantage of the training opportunity. We also want to use training funds wisely and prepare materials only for those who are coming. 
  • No-show registrants:  Pre-registration fees may be non-refundable for no-show registrants. Registrants will not be charged or billed fees for non-attendance after training has occurred. No-show registrants will not be denied access to future trainings, as long as they follow other training policies and procedures. 


Workshop cancellation for low enrollment will be done no earlier than 5 business days and no later than 1 business day prior to the session. Decisions about workshops canceled for weather will be made by noon on the day of the training. We will make every effort to notify participants of the cancellation. 

If at all possible, workshops canceled for weather or reasons other than low enrollment will be rescheduled at a later date. If CCRS cancels a training session, credit for another session or refund will be available if CCRS is the fiscal agency (i.e., the payment was made to the University of Illinois through Child Care Resource Service). 


  • To receive a training certificate, participants must stay until the trainer is finished. 
  • If you misplace or lose your certificate, replacement certificates must be issued at the request of the individual participant. Certificates will only be released to the individual who participated at the training session. At this time, there is no fee for this service. 


CCRS can issue a summary or transcript of trainings taken by an individual participant through our agency with our Data Tracking Program (DTP). 

DTP transcripts may be issued at the request of an individual participant. To ensure confidentiality, transcripts are to be released to the individual. At this time, there is no fee for this service.