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This policy is designed to allow CCRS to serve parents, providers, employers and the community in the fairest and most efficient manner possible. The database will not be made available for commercial use or as a referral tool for use by another agency. CCRS reserves the right to deny any requests for or statistics. Changes are made to our databases daily, so current data becomes out of date after one month. 


Data from both the Provider and Customer databases are reported to the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) on a quarterly and annual basis for statewide statistical purposes. Aggregate customer and provider data is disseminated through the CCRS Annual Supply and Demand Needs Assessment Report. 


Please include a copy of materials being sent to providers. A service fee will be charged for labels based on cost of materials according to the following scale: $30.00 per 1,000 labels with a minimum charge of $15.00 for less than 1,000 labels. Professional early care and education associations may request labels up to 2 times per year with no charge. Mailing labels for events co-sponsored by CCRS will be provided free of charge. 


The CCRS customer database includes information on persons seeking child care referrals and is used by CCRS for referral, information and training purposes. Individual data from the customer database is confidential and will not be made available for commercial use or for mailing lists. 


The CCRS provider database includes information on legally operating licensed and license-exempt child care providers and is used for parent referrals and for notification of training opportunities. Specific samples of data may be requested by completing the Data Request form. 


The CCRS administers the state child care subsidy program under contract by IDHS. All data collected by the CCRS for the processing of subsidy applications and payments is for internal use only and is confidential. Requests for subsidy information can be made to IDHS. IDHS reserves the right to deny requests for subsidy information. 

I understand that if this request is approved, I will only have permission to use the information received from CCRS in the manner I have described. I understand that if the information is used for any other purpose, CCRS reserves the right to reject subsequent requests in the future to protect the confidentiality of the parents and providers who use their services. 


Child Care Resource Service (CCRS) Complaint Policy Summary 


Child Care Resource Service (CCRS) is dedicated to supporting the accessibility, availability, affordability, and acceptability of child care in Champaign, Douglas, Iroquois, Macon, Piatt and Vermilion counties. Toward that end, we provide non-biased technical assistance and training to child care providers and maintain a complete and up-to-date file of their services for children. We also provide non-biased referrals and technical assistance to parents as they locate and select services for their children. The following policies are designed to help CCRS serve parent and provider needs in the fairest and most efficient manner possible. 


CCRS includes information on licensed and legally license-exempt child care providers in its data base. CCRS requires all providers to give accurate and detailed program information and be available for program updates. To be listed on the CCRS database as a license-exempt family child care provider, the provider must complete a license-exempt provider application and self-evaluation form. 


Referrals generated through CCRS will be done based on factors such as type of child care, cost, and specific program desires requested by the parent. CCRS will make no recommendations to parents and a listing with us does not guarantee quality. Decisions about child care arrangements are made by the parent. CCRS staff assists parents in make those decisions by offering non-biased counseling and consumer education material on specific guidelines for selecting a good child care arrangement. 


CCRS has a policy to allow for the suspension or removal of providers from the referral database. In instances where serious questions arise concerning the quality of care and safety provided for children or situations where providers might be practicing unlawful discrimination, CCRS reserves the right to temporarily suspend or remove providers from its database. While our policies and procedures are designed to base such decisions on objective criteria, CCRS will act immediately to protect children by suspending referrals to providers about whom we have received serious complaints. A provider will remain temporarily off the CCRS database until an inquiry indicates reinstatement to or permanent removal from our database. 


When CCRS receives complaints indicating alleged serious licensing violations or child abuse and neglect, CCRS will urge persons with such complaints to report them to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services child abuse hotline at: 1-800-25-ABUSE. CCRS will also report the incident to the same authorities and temporarily suspend referrals to that provider. Where complaints involve personal disputes with providers, we encourage the parent/provider to clarify and resolve such matters themselves. All complaint information that is received on a provider is confidential and is only shared with the appropriate licensing and/or investigative authorities. 


We strive to provide child care referral information to parents in a professional manner, respecting the clientele we serve. We also ask that clientele treat CCRS staff respectfully. If you feel that a CCRS staff person has treated you inappropriately, you may share your concerns with that person’s supervisor, either in writing or by phone. The supervisor will review the information, and if necessary, talk to the staff person about their behavior. All information received on a staff person is confidential and is only shared with the appropriate supervisory staff.