Our Mission

The Child Care Resource Service provides resources, links, and education to build successful families, quality early and school age care, and strong communities where children matter most. 

Departments and Staff 

With a staff of 30+ people, we work inhouse to serve the child care needs of our six counties where the total 2000 Census population is 56,688 children under the age of nine. Out of this population of children, 27,606 children are under the age of five years and 29,082 children are from age six to nine years old. 

According to this 2000 Census, across our six counties, an average of 65 percent of working families with children under the age of 9 need access to childcare. In our region, as many as 36,847 children have a possible need for child care. CCRS maintains detailed information for 22,294 spaces which may be licensed and/or licensed exempt family home and centers in East Central Illinois. Other children are being served in the homes of relatives and friends, of which 31% of these cases are processed through the Child Care Assistance Program. 

To efficiently manage the work required in providing the volume and quality of services needed in our local Child Care Resource and Referral agency, the following departments are structured to carry out our mission. 

  • Administration – Director, Faculty Director, Office Manager 
  • Resource Development & Outreach 
  • Resource Professionals 
  • Child Care Assistance Program 
  • Quality Specialists 
  • Training 
  • Data Specialists 
  • License Exempt Specialists 
  • Community Advisory Boards