Back-Up Child Care

Back-up child care is an alternative childcare arrangement, made in response to an emergency, an unexpected event, or a disruption in regular, pre-arranged childcare.  It is a safety net for when an everyday childcare arrangement breaks down.

The need for backup care should be expected by all working parents. Life happens, nannies get sick, daycares close, work requirements increase, etc. The best backup care works if it is flexible and meets the family’s needs.

In addition to standard childcare options, in home care can be utilized. In home care is where a nanny or caregiver comes to your house.

Child Care Resource Service (CCRS) has an in-home booklet with information on hiring an in-home or backup childcare option. CCRS also has a student list that can be used for backup or evening out childcare/babysitting. Please contact CCRS for further information about either of these resources.