FAQs for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions About CCAP for Parents 

Q: How can I get an application for Child Care Assistance? 

A: The application is available: 

  • Online:  You can download and print the application from our  website  by going to the left side “Quick Links” menu option under Forms. You can also go to Request a CCAP form on-line on the home page. 
  • By FAX:  Request a fax from the Resource Specialists, 1-800-325-5516 option 2. 
  • By Mail: Request one by mail from the Resource Specialist, 1-800-325-5516 option 2.Allow 3-5 days for delivery. 
  • In Person:  During office hours, copies may be available next to the drop box at the front door of Bevier Hall. We try to keep this box replenished several times a day, but it may be empty. 
  • By Email:  Request one by email from the Resource Specialist, 1-800-325-5516 option 2. Or email us directly at ccrs@illinois.edu. 
  • At Local Agencies:  Local DHS agencies, supporting human service agencies, or participating child care providers, often will have copies of the Child Care Application available at request. 

Q: What are two current consecutive check stubs? 

A: The two check stubs should be the last two that the parent received from their current employment. They can be no older than 30 days prior to our receipt of the paperwork unless the parent is paid on a once-a-month basis. 

Q: What if I just started a job and do NOT have two current check stubs? 

A: If the client has not worked for 30 days, they can submit with the application a letter from their employer that includes the following: 

  • The letter must be on the employer’s letterhead stationery. 
  • State the name of the client 
  • State the rate of pay  
  • State the total number of hours worked per week
  • State the employee’s work schedule with days and hours to be working 
  • Signed by an official representative of the employer, and include their name, title, and phone number for verification 
  • Include the employer’s FEIN or Social Security Number 

Q: If I am a teen parent living at home with my parents, do I count me and the baby as a family size of two or can we be counted as a family size of four? 

A: A teen parent and his/her child(ren) are the only ones counted in the family size unless the teen parent is supporting the grandparents. 

Q: How many days do I have to notify you when I lose my job or have a new job? 

A: 30 days 

Q: How many days do I have to notify you when I cancel out a provider and add a new one? 

A: 30 days 

Q: What do I need to fill out if I am found over income? 

A: If you are an over-income family, you must reapply with a new application and two new current consecutive stubs (stubs not already submitted). 

 Q: Who gets the copay when I have two providers? 

A: The provider receiving the largest reimbursement. 

Q: How long will it be before my provider gets his/her first check? 

A: This depends on whether the provider has ever been paid by the state before and how quickly the parent returns all information to us. A brand-new provider must fill out a W-9 form which when received by CCRS is forwarded to the comptroller’s office. The comptroller must verify the information on the form then enter a code in the computer system that indicates a certified W-9 – a provider cannot be paid until this code is entered. Normally it takes the comptroller about 2 weeks to complete this process. A provider can only be paid when all the requested information has been received and reviewed by the CCRS specialist. 

Q: What is RPY? 

A: Representative Payee – Parents and other relatives eligible to receive child care services include relatives (other than parents) who receive child-only TANF benefits as a Representative Payee for children in need of care while they work. 

Q: What is a site case? 

A: A federally funded child care facility.