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CCAP Subsidy Providers

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Provider’s Guide with FAQ


New Computer System - read details here and how you can help with the transition.

We have moved to a new computer system in the CCAP program. This will bring about many changes in the way we process your information. It's an electronic case management system. This means that all paperwork will be scanned into the computer program, CCMS, and staff will look at your forms electronically. Forms will now be individually coded for parents and providers so you shouldn't share forms. All forms (except for the application) have to be generated from our office. So, if you need a form, please call 333-3252 or 1-800-325-5516. We appreciate your patience as we move to this new system.

As a child care provider, your participation in the Illinois Child Care Assistance Program makes it possible for Illinois children to enjoy the benefits of quality child care. We appreciate your contribution. The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) and your local Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agency understand that the procedures and paperwork can be confusing. The information in this brochure is provided to help you navigate and make the most of the services available to you. If you have any questions, or need clarification, please call your local CCR&R.


Payment Options

There are three options for getting paid by the State. They are paper check, direct deposit and the new debit card system (Tarjeta de Débito MasterCard® de Illinois). Click here to check out the different payment options.

Tarjeta de Débito MasterCard de Illin) Click here to learn more.

Forms for Providers

The Authorization for Background Check Form and Fingerprinting Congfirmation Form are sent directly from Child Care Resource Service.

Clarification of Policy for Licensed Exempt Providers