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CCAP Subsidy Providers

CCAP Provider Required Training

CCAP Providers must complete health and safety trainings. See notice from IDHS.

Child Care Resource Service (CCRS) staff are ready to assist you and to answer any questions you may have. We want you to succeed and meet the deadline. Your services are essential to the program and the parents you serve. Thank you for your understanding and timely attention to meeting this deadline.

Child care providers receiving CCAP funds MUST be members of the Gateways Registry and track their training, credentials and certifications in the Registry. Registry membership must be renewed every year. To become a Registry member visit the Gateways website.

What training is required?

*Child Abuse and Neglect/Mandated Reporter Training - offered online through DCFS or in person.  Check the CCRS training calendar for a training near you.

*CPR/First Aid Certification - 100% reimbursement available.

*What is CCAP? (for directors and primary caregivers)

*Child Development Health and Safety Basics. The Child Development, Health and Safety Basics Training meets this requirement.

For a list of the trainings being offered, check our training calendar.

For additional information on finding, taking, or reporting your training or to register for a class, please call CCRS at 800-325-5516 or 333-3252.

Information on becoming a provider



Payments can take up to 30 days to be received once a billing is entered.  A payment is not considered late until it has been over 30 days.  Payments can tracked on the DHS website.

Payment Options

There are three options for getting paid by the State. They are paper check, direct deposit and the new debit card system (Tarjeta de Débito MasterCard® de Illinois). Click here to check out the different payment options.

Tarjeta de Débito MasterCard de Illin) Click here to learn more.

Forms for Providers

The Authorization for Background Check Form and Fingerprinting Congfirmation Form are sent directly from Child Care Resource Service.

Clarification of Policy for Licensed Exempt Providers