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Most forms for the Child Care Assistance Program are no longer accessible on the internet. Because of the new computer program, parents and providers must call to have a forms generated through the system. Please call our office for more information.

  • There are 4 ways to submit an application
    1. Application (click here) - this is the CCMS application. You can hit submit after completing which will send it directly to us (you'll have to do a follow up mailing with supporting documentation).
    2. Save the application (as a PDF, TIF, or JPEG file) and send an email to
    3. Print it off, complete it and mail with supporting documentation. If you are having difficulty opening the form and are using chrome, see these instructions for opening up the application.
    4. Request an application be mailed to you (call, email or use the link below). Complete the application and mail to our office with supporting documentation.
  • You can now request a Child Care Assistance Program form be sent to your home address. To request an application, redetermination, provider change, or change of information, click here.
  • Payment Option Form
  • Rate Certification
  • Telephone Billing Agreement
  • W9 Form
  • Wage Verification Form
  • Professional Development Funds - FY19 is complete - check back soon!
  • Quality Improvement Funds Application   
  • Vendor Information Form 
  • Data Request
  • First Aid / CPR reimbursement - FY19 is complete - check back soon!

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