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Frequently Asked Questions About CCAP for Parents

Q: How can I get an application for Child Care Assistance?

A: The application is available:

  • Online: You can download and print the application from our website by going to the left side "Quick Links"menu option under "Forms". You can also go to Request a CCAP form on-line on the home page.
  • By FAX: Request a fax from the Resource Specialists, 1-800-325-5516 option 2.
  • By Mail: Request one by mail from the Resource Specialist, 1-800-325-5516 option 2. Allow 3-5 days for delivery.
  • In Person: During office hours, copies are available to walk-in clients at the service counter. After hours, copies can be picked up outside the door in the document holder.
  • By Email: Request one by email from the Resource Specialist, 1-800-325-5516 option 2. Or email us directly at
  • At Local Agencies: Local DHS agencies, supporting human service agencies, or participating child care providers, often will have copies of the Child Care Application available at request.

Q: What are two current consecutive check stubs?

A: The two check stubs should be the last two that the parent received from their current employment. They can be no older than 30 days prior to our receipt of the paperwork unless the parent is paid on a once a month basis.

Q: What if I just started a job and do NOT have two current check stubs?

A: When starting a new job, you can submit your application using a letter from your employer that includes the following:

  • The letter must be on the employer's letterhead stationary.
  • State the name of the client
  • State the rate of pay to be received
  • State the total number of hours to be worked per week.
  • State the employee's work schedule with days and hours to be worked
  • Signed by an official representative of the employer, and include their name, title and phone number for verification
  • Include the employer's FEIN or Social Security Number

Q: If I am a teen parent living at home with my parents, do I count me and the baby as a family size of two or can we be counted as a family size of four?

A: A teen parent and his/her child(ren) are the only ones counted in the family size unless the teen parent is supporting the grandparents.

Q: How many days do I have to notify you when I lose my job or have a new job?

A: 10 days

Q: How many days do I have to notify you when I cancel out a provider and add a new one?

A: 5 days

Q: What do I need to fill out if I am found over income?

A: You may either send in a Redetermination form with 3 consecutive check stubs that will be averaged with the two previous stubs or the parent can re-apply when they have two consecutive check stubs that do not put them over income.

Q: Who gets the copay when I have two providers?

A: The provider receiving the largest reimbursement.

Q: How long will it be before my provider gets his/her first check?

A: This depends on whether the provider has ever been paid by the state before and how quickly the parent returns all information to us. A brand new provider must fill out a W-9 form which when received by CCRS is forwarded to the comptrollers office. The comptroller must verify the information on the form then enter a code in the computer system that indicates a certified W-9 - a provider cannot be paid until this code is entered. Normally it takes the comptroller about 2 weeks to complete this process. A provider can only be paid if and when all of the client information has been received and reviewed by the CCRS specialist.

Q: What is RPY?

A: Representative Payee - a person (not the parent or step-parent) responsible for the cash grant of the child(ren).

Q: What is a site case?

A: A federally funded child care facility.

Frequently Asked Questions About CCAP for Providers

Q: When can billing questions be answered?

A: First call the State DHS automated phone system (1-800-804-3833) to check on payment information such as mailing date and amount. Then call CCRS at 1(800) 325-5515 or (217) 333-3252 for additional information.

Q: How long does it take to get a payment from Springfield?

A: 2 weeks to 30 days.

Q: Can I have the state automatically take taxes out of my monthly checks?

A: No.

Q: Why was there money taken out of my check as a provider?

A: Each parent is assigned a 'copayment' that they are responsible for paying to the provider. This amount is automatically deducted from the providers check before the check is issued. In addition if the provider is part of the SEIU union, dues will be deducted from their payment.

Q: Can I charge the parent more than what the state will pay?

A: A provider can charge the parent the same amount as they charge their private pay clients - however the state will only pay the maximum amount set by the state. If a provider charges more than the state amount the provider will need to contract with the parent to make up the difference.

Q: What is the difference between FT and PT care?

A: Providers are paid different daily rates according the amount of hours the child is in child care.

  • FT - full time - a parents' child care need is for 5 or more hours a day up to 12 hours per day.
  • PT - part time - a parents' child care need is for less than 5 hours a day.

Q: What day will my check arrive?

A: Two weeks to 30 days after the CCRS Specialist receives and enters the billing into the system.

Q: Can I have my check direct deposited into my account?

A: Yes! Most people can. Contact Direct Deposit at 1-217-557-0930 for more information.

Q: Can you explain the Billing Process:

A: The billing cycle follows these steps

  1. Certificates are printed and mailed from Springfield DHS offices between the 15th and 25th of the month.
  2. Provider fills out the certificate through the last day of service for the month and mails it to CCRS at the first day of the next month.
  3. CCRS Specialist receives billing certificate - has 3 days to enter it in the system
  4. The system transfers information to a voucher unit in Springfield - about 2 days
  5. The voucher unit reviews information and confirms information.
  6. The voucher unit transfers the information to the Comptrollers office
  7. The comptroller's office prints the check and mails it out in 2 weeks to 30 days.

Call (800) 804-3833 for more payment information.